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A key to understanding how to create authentic fake doctors notes is recognizing the important components of actual doctors notes. In this article, we’ll break down the parts of a novelty doctor's note that are significant to creating a fake doctors note.
Typically, the doctor details will be centered at the top of the form in bold lettering. At the very least, the doctor's excuse will have the doctor’s full name and all appropriate licenses. In multi-doctor environments, it is possible for the doctors note to have multiple doctors’ names on it.
The office details are optional on a doctors excuse. When present, they generally sit directly below the doctor’s name and license information. Typically, this information will be in a smaller print and not bold. If present, ensure that this information is accurate, because it is easy to challenge.
The date, and in some cases time, is one of the most important components of official-looking doctors excuses. The doctor will always date his or her signature. The reason this is important is that the date and time must be in the same handwriting as the signature.
At the top of the form, usually to the left of the date and time, is a blank line for the patient’s name. This information can be typed, and it can be written in handwriting other than the doctor’s own. It is not unusual for a receptionist to fill out the form partially.
Office Details
Patient Details
Below the patient’s name will be an area for other details, such as the address. This type of information is optional, and it is usually only filled in for prescriptions and similar purposes. For an excuse note, feel free to leave it blank.
Aspects of a Novelty Doctor’s Excuse Note
Note Area
The message area is the most important aspect of the note. It contains the excuse. It is best to fill this out in the handwriting used for the doctor’s signature. Another strong option is to type the message.
The note must be signed by the doctor. A note that lacks a signature is an obvious fake. When filling it out, don’t go overboard trying to create doctors’ scrawl.
Keep in mind that some novelty notes including branding, a company name, or an indication that it is for novelty purposes. None of those aspects are viable for a note intended as a fake because they are an obvious clue that note is indeed a forgery.  Get more information at or 
Free Doctor Excuses — Get Out of Class with Ease… Or Not!?
When many students are first introduced to the concept of printable fake doctors notes, their eyes get big. This could be the secret strategy to less school they’ve been seeking. But a fake doctors note isn’t magic. People in positions of authority do scrutinize them, and if the fake doctor's note doesn’t stand up to that scrutiny, the student could find himself or herself in a lot of hot water. With that in mind, we present the six most important considerations when making replica doctors notes.
1. The Note Must Look Authentic

A fake doctors note has to look like an actual doctor's excuse note. It has to have all the crucial aspects, and it can’t include any novelty markings that would be a dead giveaway. The good news is that there are actual doctors excuse templates available for download on the Internet free.

2. The Note Must Be Adaptable

Stress the idea of a template. Doctors excuses must be adaptable because you have to custom-tailor them to your specific situation. If a note has information that is clearly false, then there is a good chance it is spotted by someone who otherwise wouldn’t scrutinize it.
3. The Note Must Be Clear of Obvious Giveaways

The most obvious giveaway is a novelty indication, or the branding or company name of a business who deals in novelty items. Another obvious giveaway is a detail that makes no sense, such as a doctor’s office in another state or a patient name that differs from your own.

4. The Note Must Have No Easily Contestable Details

Don’t include a bum phone number. If the school admin dials the number, the jig is up. Likewise, don’t use crazy names for the doctor or street addresses that don’t exist. Stay as close to plausible as possible, and consider using an emergency room if you fear intense scrutiny.

5. The Note Must Not Be Pre-signed

Many novelty notes come pre-signed, or you may be tempted to sign it with software like Photoshop prior to printing it out. However, doctors must physically sign such notes by law, so a pre-signature is a clear indication of a fake.
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6. The Note Must Be Printed with High-Grade Paper and Ink

Doctors don’t generally print out their own notes. They purchase pads from printing houses that specialize in professional forms. Those manufacturers make such notes using high-grade paper and ink. Before printing, clean your printer. If necessary, replace the paper and the toner cartridge.